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Mr Richard Alfred Hurst
29 Lower Monk Street
At the centre of RAH Consultancy is Richard Hurst. Highly knowledgeable and respected in the water industry, Richard has over 25 years' experience in all aspects of water regulations and compliance both in the UK and abroad. He has been successfully involved in several major investigations since becoming a consultant.

He has the honour to hold the position of Fellow of the CIPHE, and is also an Incorporated Engineer. He has been involved in water engineering products and system design, incl failure analysis investigations for clients. He had previously worked in the design, commissioning and operation of power stations and marine power plant in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Areas covered are: Bacteria, water-borne, Building services, water, Design quality, Drinking water, Drinking water, analysis, Drinking water quality, Drinking water treatment, Filtration water, Engineering design, Hot and cold water, Joints pipe, Legionella, Mechanical engineering, Mechanical engineering design, Mechanical engineering management, Mechanical engineering project management, Pipeline, Pipelines, coatings, Pipelines corrosion, Pipelines failure, Pipelines water, Pipework, Pipework construction, Pipework copper, Pipework corrosion, Pipework design, Pipework, failure, Pipework water, Plumbing, Plumbing fittings failure, Plumbing systems, Plumbing accident investigation, Pumping stations, Pumping stations construction, Pumping stations, design, Pumping stations, water, pumping systems, Pumping systems, corrosion, Pumping systems, failure.

Pumping systems, water, Purification water, Regulations water industry, Regulations Water Supply (Water Fittings), Regulations Water Supply (Water Quality), Resource management, water, Rotating machinery, Rotating machinery failure, Storage tanks water, System design, Tanks water, Water, Water Act, Water authorities, Water engineering, Water industry, Water industry regulations, Water leaks, Water mains, Water mains leaks, Water mains rehabilitation, Water management, Water pumps, Water services, Water services, cold, Water supply, Water Supply (Water Fittings), Regulations, Water Supply (Water Quality), Regulations, Water supply planning, Water systems, Water systems corrosion, Water systems disinfection, Water systems pipes, Water systems pipework, Water systems risk assessment, Water tanks, Water treatment, drinking, Water corrosion, Water filtration, Water hygiene, Water purification, Water scalding and Water sampling.

The expert witness cases Richard has written reports for since 2016 (15) are as follows with a simple description:

DWF (solicitors) Mr Leader V Water Undertakers. Claimant, ongoing.
DWF Mrs McCorfield V Plumbers. Jun 17, Claimant.
Mr D johnson V Heating installers. Jan 17, Claimant.
Thompsons (Solicitors) Outbreak of Legionella in Edinburgh. Report finished Jan 17, Claimant ongoing case.
Mr Abeyawardene V Block of flats Management. Jan 18, Claimant.
Hill Dickinson (solicitors) Kershaw V Neighbour water spring destruction dispute. Report finished Jan 17, Claimant (ongoing).
Thames Valley Police V Nursing Home Scalding of resident. Jul 17, Prosecution.
Glyhafren College V Plumbers Legionella outbreak. Aug 17, Claimant.
Bartlett V Johnson Dispute over works carried out. Jul 17, Joint Report.
Kennedys (Solicitors) Legionella in a nursing home. Sept 16, Claimant.
McIntyre V Tata Steel Legionella infection. Mar 16, Claimant.
New Law (Solicitors) Sclading incident in council property. Jan 17, Claimant.
Ms. Awkaeze V Block of flats management Water disease infection. Feb 17, Claimant.
Optical Express V Plumbers Leaks in installed pipework. Report finished Apr 16, Claimant ongoing case.
Perth College V Plumbers heating system overpriced. Aug 17, Claimant.


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