NEWA Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice conforms to the guidelines issued by the Information Commissioner's Office ('ICO').

Name of Organisation: National Expert Witness Agency (NEWA)

DPO contact details, where applicable:

We do not employ a DPO (Data Protection Officer) as an individual, as we do not meet the following conditions that make it compulsory, i.e. we:

1) are not "a public authority"
2) don't "carry out large-scale [or indeed, any] systematic monitoring of individuals"
3) don't "carry out large-scale processing of special categories of data"

Whether the data will be used for direct marketing:

We use the names and email addresses of medical and non medical expert witnesses to inform them of our products from time to time. On membership registration, all expert witnesses agree that we may send them information that we believe they may find useful such as training, NEWA News monthly eNewsletter and email viewing alerts etc. Third party users (who will be mainly legal related organisations, recipients) may undertake direct marketing but are responsible for their own compliance.

Categories of personal data:

For expert witnesses (non members), we hold name, organisation (where applicable), occupation (self-selected medical consultants and non-medical consultants, media / publishing compaines, pharmaceutical companies,  marketing / communications / PR companies, locum agencies, financial companies, healthcare companies, medico-legal agencies) and email addresses.

For NEWA members in the online directory, we hold name, qualification details, CV (if supplied by the expert), specialty (where applicable), special interests (as provided to us), photo/company logo (if supplied by expert) and professional contact details. No sensitive personal data such as credit/debit card information is retained.

Data is collected from public information sources (e.g. the web), from face‐to‐face meetings at conferences, and by recommended by other expert witnesses and lawyers. We collect this data as part of our ongoing development of our products and services. We do not share this data with any other third party.

Purposes of the processing:

For recipients, to enable them to access experts' professional contact details and areas of expertise in the online directory. For experts to provide to interested parties their contact details and areas of expertise including, where applicable, and their expert witness practice details in the form of a online directory.

Categories recipients of the data (who will get to see it):

Experts' data in the online directory is provided for legal organisations, however as the database can be viewed by the general public and various media groups. Their accounting data is only used internally.  It is up to the new member to give us details which they are happy to be viewed with. This includes data on the members CV's if they choose to supply one. Once the member wishes not to continue with their listing their details are removed offline from our database.

What legal ground the organisation is relying on:

NEWA Legitimate Interests Assessment

Third parties the data will be shared with (this might be specifically named third parties or sectors - the ICO will publish formal guidance):

Potential expert witnesses and legal professionals only.

Countries outside the EU where personal data might be stored or processed:

Potentially worldwide. Our servers are located in the UK.

How long the personal data will be kept:

Indefinitely. Where applicable, out of date data is retained but marked as deleted/ex-experts in accordance with recommended good practice. No sensitive personal data like credit/debt card information is retained.

Inform people of their rights and how they would exercise them:

Expert members will be informed of their right to be erased on registration. Experts objection will be treated as a request for erasure and the expert concerned will be deleted (not retained with a deletion marker). Experts in the online directory are regularly asked to update the details held. Objections and requests for erasure are dealt with on an individual basis taking account of the circumstances in any specific case.

Reminder that clients can withdraw consent:

Experts can request erasure and this is actioned promptly. Experts data is processed on a legitimate interests basis and not on consent. The data in the online directory is provided by experts themselves or is publicly available elsewhere.

Inform people that they can complain to the ICO:


Information about automated decision-making, including profiling:

We do not undertake automated decision-making or profiling.

Updated: April 2018